Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last long run. One month to IronMan!!!

This past Sunday was the last long run of the training schedule before IronMan. I ran 17.24 miles in 2 hours and 59 minutes along the Contra Costa Canal Trail.

Up until now, I had been worrying about my nutrition during the race. I've tried Perpetuem, HEED, HEED + Protein, and Spiz. They all seem to do well in moderation. For some people, these product work. For me, there is a fine line between doing well and stomach cramps.

So now I'm simplifying. I understand that Gatorade Endurance and GU gels will be on the course in Lake Placid. During my run on Sunday, I used only Gatorade Endurance. You know what? I feel great. Now I have to try GU. The coming weekend I have a long 9 hour workout... that is when I'll try the GU. If it works, then that would make my life so much simpler... it'll be less for me to bring to NY.


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