Monday, August 24, 2009

Tri For Fun

I did my first triathlon in 3 years on Saturday August 15, 2009 in Pleasanton, CA. I finished the Tri For Fun in 1:16:59! I was hoping for a fast finish, but when I thought about it, this is pretty good considering that I haven't practiced that much. The only time that I predicted correctly was the swim. I can't complain considering that I just came off of a knee injury.

  • 0:08:26 swim- 400 yd (~2 min/100 yd)

  • 0:03:04 (T1)

  • 0:32:27 bike- ll mi (just under 22 mph)

  • 0:01:13 (T2)

  • 0:31:49 run-5 km (~10 min./mi)

Now which IronMan will I do next year?