Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello Random Thoughts

That's supposed to read, "Hello " as in "Gee it's been a while since I've been here," followed by a bunch of random thoughts.

True it has been a while. Where have I been? What is the progress of my pursuit of endurance excellence? So many questions and way too much time to answer them. I have put any major triathlons on hold for now since we are expecting another baby this year! Yay! I truly am excited by the prospect of having yet another baby... well my wife is having the baby, but I'm very supportive of her! I guess you can say that I am in the middle of another kind of endurance event.

I have been doing whatever it is I can to stay in shape. I still swim and run. On most Monday nights I play league roller hockey. When I can, I work on the house. Vickee has been very nauseous with the pregnancy. Taking care of a very energetic 3 year old is a lot for her to take on while trying not to throw up.

I've changed my daily routine a bit so that I can be there to take care of Jesse and Vickee. That means that I have limited my evening workouts. Most days I wake up at 4:30am so that I can be in the gym by 5:00am. I workout for about 1 hour, get cleaned up and dressed so that I can catch the bus to work at 7:15am. Traffic is pretty heavy at this time, which is fine with me... the 1 hour ride to work allows me to catch some Z's. Then I work (yawn). Then at 4:15pm I'm back on the bus... sleeping... I'm home by 6:00pm. Then I water the plants, cook dinner, let Vickee sleep, clean up after Jesse, clean Jesse, and then off to bed by midnight.

Somewhere in there I trade stock options...

The only upcoming race I have is San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon in October. I've been invited by some friends to do the 2.4 mi Catfish swim in Stevens Creek Reservoir. The biggest race on my mind is Silverman 2009 (it kicked my butt last time).

Here's where it gets random...

I'm working on getting my personal trainer certification. Why? I think people need help. I lost weight and got stronger... I've been there. I know there are people struggling with the exact same thing that I did. And I enjoy helping people. I really started to think about this week...

My god-brother died last week. He was 37 years old. I wouldn't say that he was overly obese. I have seen heavier people who were older than him. I understand that one of his arteries was 90% clogged. Clogged arteries is the current cause of death.

How often have we heard about clogged arteries? We have heard it so much that the thought has become ubiquitous. I don't think we even think about it that much... that is until it hits close to home. It's there. It's real. And way too many people are closer to being just another statistic amongst all the noise. This is where I would like to help.

I knew a guy who said, "You know what God does all day? He vomits! Every time he looks at his creations and realizes all the potential that they throw away." I don't mean any disrespect here, but it does create a nice visual. The thing is... are we living up to our potential? In everything that we do, who we are, and what we are? Does God vomit when he thinks of me? If he does, then I would like to change that.

I should end the randomness right here. Welcome back!