Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been swimming lately. I have to admit that I thought with such a long hiatus from endurance sport that my swimming would be really bad. My first time out I swam for 30 minutes and ~1000 yards (about 3000 short of the distance at IronMan). The next time out I went for 2400 yards (over the distance for a Half-IronMan). Two days ago I did 3000 yards!!! And I felt like I had another 3000-4000 yards in the tank!

My foot hurts though, and I'm not sure why. This bothers me because I have to work on my running.

Oh yeah! Biking! I broke out my road bike in the past 4 weeks. I did the Three Bears (18.7 mile route that climbs 2400 feet) in 1.5 hours. I did it again a few days later at 1.25 hours! So I'm getting back into the swing of things faster than I hoped. So good!

Been trying really hard to cut out processed sugar out of my diet. I feel really good. Actually, when I do take in some processed sugar (not the same as fruit sugar), I can feel myself spiking and then feeling like crap.

I quit drinking coffee again. It wasn't enjoyable anymore.

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