Friday, November 04, 2005

Swim and furniture lifting program part II

My swim on Wednesday night went well. I stopped sinking. I've concentrated more on streamlining in the water, i.e. keeping my body as long as possible. What was happening was that I was rolling over onto my back while swimming. This imbalance was causing me to sink.

Tomorrow, I'm moving furniture to Sacramento for my wife's aunt. The moving crew is essentially me and Vickee, my wife. I'll get to flex those big ol' guns again.

By the way, this move was supposed to happen last Saturday, but good ol' U-haul messed up. I went to go pick up my truck in San Leandro. The guy that handles all truck rentals wasn't there. On top of that, he wasn't coming in until Monday! I had a reservation... I suspect they just lost another customer in me. Tomorrow I'm using Budget truck rentals.

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