Thursday, December 04, 2008

Time to train... AGAIN! Vineman 2009

Yes I'm back, training for another Iron-distance event.  Vineman 2004 kicked my butt, and there was a lot of my butt to kick back in the day.  I'm leaner and meaner and ready to take my revenge on the course.

I've been out of the endurance loop for a while.  There was the house remodel (still working on it).  And OH YEAH... I have a new son, Samuel Robert Fernandez Suratos!  Sam was born on Nov. 19, 2008.  Here are some pictures

This year I won't be training with TNT.  I love TNT, but travelling to all of the training sites stretches me a bit thin.  I'm going to try and fit my training into my current schedule with the goal of not disturbing my family life.  I admit that it will be a challenge, especially having no coach (I actually have to hold myself accountable).  I just cancelled my gym membership which was also the place where I was swimming.  

I think this blog is going to be important in finding a training program that works with a busy type such as myself.  Hopefully you will find something good from it too.

Here are my beginning stats.  I'm currently 5'6" tall at 171 lb (I raced Lake Placid at ~155lb).  My waist is holding steady at 32".  My resting heart rate is 43 bpm.  My main exercise is my weekly league roller hockey game.  Obviously I'm going to have to get on a bike pretty soon.

My plan for this blog is to:
  1. Chronical my training (I plan to have a link to a tracking spreadsheet).
  2. Note things that work and don't work.
  3. Talk nutrition and weight loss (for those of you who know, I went from 220lb to as low as 155lb). 
  4. Random stuff
I haven't been good about including strength training in the past, and I believe that this will be key to doing well in this race.  

Thanks for reading.  Please leave me comments! 

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Phil said...

Glad to see you're back training for a full triathlon. Thanks for all the info you provided for me earlier this year. You're right! It is a lifestyle change forever. I finished Big K (my first tri) in Sept and will be training for Vineman Half 2009 on my own.

Next year, I hope to join IronTeam to tackle 140.6! Good luck on your training.