Thursday, August 16, 2007

Run, Run, Run, Bike

Vickee, my wife, has decided that she would like to get back into running. She didn't decide to ease into it with a 5K or a 10K, she decided to go for a marathon! That's right, Arizona Rock n Roll in Jan. 08, 2008.

Both of us are training. I'm training her, and I guess, myself. We are about 3 weeks into it. She is doing great right now.

The other thing going on... I'm biking everyday. Yay! Okay not so exciting, but it is! I took my Bridgestone CB-2 mountain bike and rebuilt it (changed the fork, headset, breaks, wheels). And it works! I bought the bike back in 9th grade (about 20 years ago... dang!).

Anyhow, I commute 4.5 miles each with 5 big hill climbs each way. It takes me ~20 minutes each way. The bike is really heavy. So here's the theory... heavy bike for training = frickin' fast on my road bike.

Jesse is doing well, He's almost 3 now. He runs like crazy... like his old man.

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